Storytelling opens our eyes and guides the heart to uncovering the mystery of how alike we truly are. As the entire world was locked down in an unprecedented pandemic, we are now faced with rebuilding our lives. The internet provides an exciting opportunity to quickly connect, entertain and communicate. By telling each other’s stories we can build a bridge of discovery as we move towards reinventing ourselves through familiarity, unity and human connection. Hollywood International People provides the public with a unique outlet of entertainment designed to edify a new and exciting lifestyle.

The fascination of Hollywood is always a hot topic as the constant media frenzy firmly focuses on the personal lives of our mega stars. We on the other hand are not about gossip- we are about entertaining the public through truthful storytelling as a form of inspiration and encouragement. We at Hollywood International People will explore the truth and the myths about Hollywood and share the real story with our readers. In a world governed by the media, we will explore the human spirit in an integrous platform as we bind humanity together as one entity.

We focus on finding the good in all people and promoting kindness as a way of life. You will read new and exciting lifestyle tips as we present the best food, wines and recipes as you get a first-hand look at the latest fashion, music, beauty, even an art gallery! You literally will not need to leave your home to be entertained and inspired!

Storytelling, music and art are non-threatening vehicles of entertainment that literally everyone can receive without judgement or conflict. Everyone has a story and our mega superstars are not an exception! We have chosen some of the most talented people in the entertainment industry as we introduce the real person to our readers. Whether it is a movie, a TV show or a song, our superstars will entertain you as they bring their talents into your home. You will get to know the real person, examine their struggles, challenges, and how they survived Hollywood. Having talent is never enough as climbing the ladder of fame takes a certain intrinsic ability to survive a cut throat industry. Learn how our superstars achieved the impossible as we reveal what it took to achieve and sustain success. Our intention is to encourage you through authentic storytelling. You will soon discover we are literally all the same- we are all just people. Through authentic storytelling, we can share our lives, hopes, dreams and talents: We can inspire one another as we rebuild our world.

The world was locked down by the Pandemic, but it is time to unlock that door and get back to contributing to each other’s lives! Entertainment provides the key to unlock the mystery of relationship- to find each other again. We at Hollywood International People are dedicated to presenting civility, love and kindness as an authentic lifestyle. True art comes from a divine source and connects us as one. Stories that make us think are the great innovators of change and critical thinking. Kindness is our platform and we will stand against anger and hate every step of the way: And we will use entertainment to do it! We need to reconstruct the very fiber of America and together, we can find a way to put human back into humanity. Love is the only answer and art reaches the heart faster than anything else. Join us on this exciting journey to a destination of healing our troubled world.

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