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As America enjoys its freedoms, it is essential to stop and remember the ones who have sacrificed their lives for ours. As we pay tribute to these unsung heroes, Hollywood International People applauds a non-profit dedicated to providing the support to our military, veterans, first responders and their families. Wherever there is need America Salutes You mobilizes support through music! Producing star-studded concerts each year, ASY raises funds that are directly applied to the ones who keep us safe. The following story represents the story behind the need and illustrates why every American needs to step up and show their gratitude. Please access the donation links to say thank you as our very lives depend on the continued service of the ones who risk it all.
Hollywood International People proudly presents America Salutes You: Mobilizing Support Though Music.

The Invisible War

Two battlefields, two decades; the same heroes rescuing America!

As the world enters the third year of “battle” with Covid-19, we remain painfully aware of the psychological, personal, and commercial destruction left in its path. Dispersing an unprecedented trail of collateral human damage, literally every living soul was affected by this traumatic global event. COVID 19 virtually left us all with some form of PTS.

Professionals call it Post Traumatic Stress: The encumbered call it the silent killer of the human spirit. PTS is an insidious monster that moves in waves as it steals our joy and peace of mind. Understanding and addressing PTS head on is one answer, but many suffering in silence need help. As COVID19 descended on millions of people around the world, we were unwillingly dragged onto this virus-induced “battlefield.” Frustrated and scared, we realized we were fighting an invisible stealth enemy: We were fighting an enemy we could not see! We were forced into prisons that used to be called “home”. We wore masks and gloves as we fervently washed our hands and prayed for the evil to pass our doors. We sat frozen in an alien world as we wondered who was going to fight this war- who was going to protect us- who would risk their lives to save ours?

This was a war without bullets. At home we fought for our collective lives as we relied on our citizen heroes who risked it all on the frontlines.

The men and women in our armed forces, first responders, nurses, and doctors, and many more, risked their lives to help and save ours. They battled a powerful enemy 24/7 to help keep us safe. They were always there. But have you ever considered who is going to show up to help our heroes after helping YOU?

These same citizen heroes answered the call to serve more than two decades ago. On September 11, 2001, terrorists attacked America. These brave men and women showed up- and they are still showing up today.

As the nation watched in horror as the Twin Towers in NYC plummeted to the ground in a towering tear of smoke, we witnessed the Pentagon in Washington, DC ignite in flames. We simultaneously learned UA Flight #93 had been hijacked over Pennsylvania. As we experienced the first attack on American soil, we will never forget the final words of those brave passengers who stepped up to take on the hijackers: “Are you ready guys? LET’S ROLL!”

In the aftermath of the attacks, America rallied as one powerful human force focused on helping our neighbors- all supported by our military personnel and our first responders. The attack’s horror shook us to the core, but it could not break our spirit. Americans financially, and with great generosity, supported a wide range of nonprofits with education, medical, housing necessities, etc. For months and years after the attack, funds kept coming in to support our front-line heroes. Our military, National Guard, first responders, police and firefighters were counted in the thousands, and just like the battlefield, some never returned to live their lives. Families were devastated, lives were destroyed, but America continued to rally. We were told to never forget, but once again, another devastating battle raised its ugly head: COVID19: The war without bullets.

Once again, our front-line heroes stepped up to walk point. They fought this unseen villain for us. They risked their lives fighting an invisible war and many times, lost theirs. It is time to stand up and say thank-you! It is time to manifest a spirit of gratitude and tithe directly into the need of those who have risked it all for your safety. Have you ever considered who is going to show up to help our heroes after helping YOU? The ones that serve have needs- their family have needs- their children. It is time for the ultimate American spirit to rise again and give back. It is with great honor that we at Hollywood International People proudly support the profound efforts of the national non-profit, America Salutes You.

The Mission

For the last seven years, America Salutes You has been raising funds and awareness for a wide range of veterans and first responders’ non-profits. Mobilizing support through music, ASY has produced an astounding array of musical superstars through a series of nationally broadcast benefit concerts; specifically designed to raise funds for the ones that risk it all for our safety. Reminiscent of the Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon and Bob Geldoff’s groundbreaking Live Aid concert, ASY has produced a unique and powerful nationally televised concert series that puts the funds where they are needed- with the people who protect our great nation. By producing nationally broadcast concerts, ASY provides a direct way you can show your gratitude by giving back to our unsung heroes. ASY provides specific charities the funds they need to address firsthand the challenges of the courageous people who serve. It is time to stand and say thank you!



“I was honored to interview on the red carpet in April 2022, on the deck of The Battleship Iowa in San Pedro California. The stars came out in mass to perform for our heroes! The Four Tops, Joe Bonamassa, Belinda Carlisle, Sara Evans, Hailey Reinhart, Debbie Gibson, and many more shared their heart and talent for our men and women who serve. I was proud to be a part of this amazing organizations’ concert series and urge you to join the stars by donating to the people who keep us safe”! – Freya Pruitt

As America proudly supports the profound efforts of the national non-profit, America Salutes You, please know our military, National Guard and reservists, police, fire fighters, nurses, and doctors and all of our nation’s amazing volunteers thank you! They have put their lives on the line over the past two decades; first with the 9-11-01 attacks and again three years ago when Covid-19 stealthily attacked our population. These unsung heroes answered the call to serve all of us in our time of need; now they need OUR assistance more than ever. By mobilizing support through music, ASY has gathered some of the biggest stars in the music industry who have selflessly donated their time and talent to help produce these spectacular benefit concerts. Airing on all the major broadcast, cable and streaming networks, their concerts serve as a vehicle to entertain our fellow citizens and give generously to charities in support of those who serve.

A Word from the CEO of America Salutes You, Bob Okun:
“America has men and women deployed in our armed forces around the world and here at home each and every day, along with our brave first responders. They all have relatives, many with family members from previous generations who have served as well. I have been involved with the veteran’s non-profit community for 20 years now through our military family college scholarship program called ThanksUSA which was started by my two young daughters. Some of the trust established over those years along with my corporate experience in the broadcast world, along with my family’s encouragement, permitted America Salutes You to launch seven years ago in 2016, despite some naysayers who said that the tv ratings and viewership just would not be good enough in the age of Snap Chat videos. With the support of generous corporate sponsors such as Fed Ex, Walgreens, the NFL, and foundations including the Davis Elkins Foundation, to cover tv production costs, we were able to assure viewers that 100% of the public donations through on-line giving and text to donate contributions would go to the charities, along with the commercial time and promotion during the broadcasts for those deserving charitable organizations. To date we have assisted nearly 30 different nonprofits with cash and commercial time.”




ALL production costs of ASY have been paid for by ticket sales, sponsorships, and ASY. NO donations are used for concert expenses as 100% of all money raised will be granted to non-profit organizations with programs serving veterans, service members, and their families. Please join the stars who selflessly gave of their time and talent and donate to the people who keep us safe”! Please donate!




As you proudly support America Salutes You, please know our military, National Guard and reservists, police, fire fighters, nurses, doctors, and all our nation’s amazing volunteers thank you! They have put their lives on the line over the past two decades; first with the 9-11-01 attacks and again three years ago when Covid-19 stealthily attacked our population. These unsung heroes answered the call to serve all of us in our time of need- now they need OUR assistance more than ever.

Watch concert video:

The mystery of receiving lies in the act of giving. In so many ways, the recipient of the gift reflects the grace back into our lives. Giving makes us whole, strong, and unified as one great country.

May God bless America and stand with the people who keep us safe!



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