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I Proudly Introduce a Maestro of Higher Living, Our Food and Wine Editor, The Incomparable Doc Lawrence!


A Continuing Journey By Doc Lawrence: We are not alone on an island. With deference to poet John Donne, whenever someone suffers or is afraid, it affects each of us. We are one, always have been, always will be. Through this spirit of unity, no crisis can defeat us. Shouldn’t we dream about better days…

Wine By Doc Lawrence

Wine: A Prelude To Romance By Doc Lawrence: Through the ages, wine has continued to be associated with romance. The Roman poet Ovid, in “The Art of Love” wrote that “it warms the blood, adds luster to the eyes, and wine and love have ever been allies.” Wine has a Biblical prominence. The first miracle,…


Recipe Adventures By Doc Lawrence: My Atlanta inland home at dinner time regularly had fresh seafood on the table. My father worked on weekends for a fish monger whose store had counters of red snapper, grouper, flounder, mackerel, and mullet resting on ice. Mounds of live oysters covered a floor in the rear. Coolers were…

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Food for Thought
By Freya Pruitt

As the optimism and promise of 2022 opens its door to new discoveries in living and lifestyle, I felt it was essential to offer our readers a unique and edifying appreciation of food and wine.

The pandemic confined us to our homes, leaving us shocked and confused. We desperately tried to figure out how we were going to spend 24 hours a day staring at familiar faces with unfamiliar roles! Who WERE these people and what do we DO with them?!

Then, seemingly out of nowhere, we met a stranger – a stranger called TIME! Suddenly there were no time sheets to sign, no deadlines to meet, and no schools to rush our children to at 7 AM! Faced with having to live with this uncomfortable stranger, we soon discovered the stranger had an unfamiliar gift. We now had time to reflect, time to reorganize, time to talk, and time to do the unmentionable: COOK!

However, we soon realized we had forgotten WHAT to cook and HOW to cook! Back in the day, families and friends sat down to dine together, but that was a LONG time ago! We were faced with a harsh reality; If we are going to have to eat together, how do you pair a delicious wine with a fabulous meal? How do you set a table, what music do you play, and how do you serve that phantom meal with verve and panache?!

Well, look no further! Our distinguished food and wine editor will provide a lifetime of recipes, wine pairings, editorial culinary journeys, and a refreshing new look at the art of living with flair and style – something you can do right in your home!

As you enter this exciting journey, Doc will escort you down memory lane as he gently guides you into rediscovering the art of living gracefully. Together, we will leap into a new arena of life experience. CHEERS!