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James Thomas Stained and Leaded Glass
James and Dawna Miceli

An artisan is a force to be reckoned with!

The power of the creative, interpreted, consciousness is awe-inspiring! As you look at a James and Dawna Miceli Design, you are looking at divine brilliance personified.

No two pieces are alike and out of these creative minds, flow a river of ideas that somehow mysteriously translate onto a canvas of glass.

Dawna can listen to a client’s ideas, study their design, and translate that vision into a manifestation of stunning beauty. Whether it is divine inspiration or applied expertise, this design studio takes you to an ethereal place you never imagined.

Your home suddenly becomes a living canvas of what your mind imagined, but never expected to see! Dawna and Jim study a client’s design on paper and through years of applied craftsmanship and technique, somehow cut the glass from their mind’s eye and bring it to life. How to cut, how to measure, how to construct, how to minimize gaps, trimming the lead came, how to choose what type of glass and what colors, require a master craftsman with the eye of Michelangelo!

Designing and executing for over 48 years, this glass studio has designed for the likes of MGM, PARAMOUNT, CBS, NBC, ABC, and virtually every main studio in Hollywood.

Their designs are exhibited in movies such as The Bad News Bears, The Ring, What Women Want, Hope Floats, Armageddon, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and many more, making it even more magical when their art is introduced into your home!

Hollywood International People is proud to present the incomparable Dawna and Jim Miceli of James Thomas Stained and Leaded Glass, Studio City California.

For 48 straight years, this husband and wife team has designed for movies, television, celebrities, private homes, churches, and architectural projects, making them one of the most esteemed, premier stained glass studios in Los Angeles. They have an intimate understanding of a client’s deadline needs and have a proven track record as well as an exemplative and outstanding reputation.

Designer Dawna Miceli brings to each project her vast knowledge of architectural and historical styles, along with a keen sense of design, layout, and color. Her ability to execute a design as well as create original artwork for a client makes her one of the best in the country.

We are proud to welcome Dawna and Jim’s outstanding work to our “Art From the Heart” Gallery. HIP looks forward to witnessing their continued brilliance as their artistic contributions to our community bring the magic of art into our homes, businesses, and major entertainment production houses.


4375 Tujunga Ave, Studio City, Ca. 91604 

[email protected]

Phone: 818-763-5693 

The Dawna Miceli Collection

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