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Bex Marshall – The House of Mercy
Bex Marshall North Cyprus Writing Retreat!

Dear HIP readers,

Welcome to Bex Marshalls North Cyprus Writing Retreat!


I am so excited to reveal to the world this extraordinary blessing in my life. Cyprus is magically magnificent and after 15 years of coming to this Island, its magic still mystifies my soul! Where else in the world could be more perfect to create a songwriting retreat than Cyprus!? I am the founder of The ‘House of Mercy CYPRUS’, and as I write this, I’m feeling a fuzzy warm, a kind of “was meant to be” feeling, in the pit of my stomach. I realize my journey in getting here is a story in itself, and of course, indeed another song!

I am a gal who tends to go with her gut reaction, and right or wrong it has got me here on the Island Of Love.



For some unknown reason, Northern Cyprus is a very under-glorified Mediterranean island, so ain’t we the lucky ones to be hosting the most wonderful singer-songwriter experience In Cyprus twice a year?!

15 years ago I booked a last-minute winter holiday and ended up in the Turkish-occupied Northern Cyprus (TRNC) purely by mistake. I thought I was going to Greece to smash a few plates (lol) but looking back, how wrong was I? This was the start of a life-changing journey for me.

When I arrived I started to soak up this island’s culture, history, and music, which were all surrounded by some of the best elements on the planet.



The beauty was complemented by an incredible culinary wizard; my partner Chef Jonathon We have created a bespoke experience for the keenest, all-level music writers and musicians in the entire world, beauty, food, wine, and music – can’t get any better than that!

I have been an international touring artist for quite some time now and after several award nominations for songwriting and singing have decided to take some time to host a magical experience mixing my craft with my Cyprus retreat!



Twice a year we receive guests from around the world over a two-week period in May/June and Sept/Oct (dates can be flexible within this time period) and we try and create a bespoke experience in songwriting, musical indulgence, and wellbeing.



We bring in guest songwriters and musicians from all over the world along with myself. We host daily casual workshops and guide beginner writers/musicians and more experienced songsmiths throughout the daily/nightly sessions. Although jams and collaborations are very much part of the fun and inspiration, there is definitely no fixed agenda to co-write or even attend 100% of the agenda; everyone is free to move or stay, write or play!!

A typical day would start with a swim/breakfast/morning brainstorm/session then perhaps we may take a short drive to the Karpaz to have lunch on STILT. As we bask in amazement at 46 untouched beaches we are serenaded by the odd wild donkey who welcomes us with his own unique sound!! Songwriting sessions can happen anywhere and over the years I have a long list of must-sees off the beaten track. There are a multitude of gems and establishments to visit as you are creating songs while basking in the sunsets. The atmosphere is perfect to work on rhyming, phrasing, melodies, lyrics, and chorus dilemmas – all while surrounded in heavenly beauty by the sea.



On the odd morning or sunset, we may take a wooden galleon for a private boat trip for a few hours, grab the acoustic instruments, and set sail down the most exquisite mountain range coastline, all before anchoring at 3 beaches for a swim and jam.



Acoustics are magical over water and getting those harmonies in tune is effortless in this environment. You, of course, are encouraged to take a Siesta/Swim or regroup anytime ya’ like!! It’s all about letting the music flow while having a damn good time!

In the evening, The HOUSE OF MERCY HOMESTEAD BBQ/WOOD FIRED PIZZA/MEZZE/TANDOOR/SPIT ROAST is shared with invited local musicians of ‘ridiculous’ talent. We might go on a trip to the inspirational and fairytale up-lit ‘Bellapais Monastery’ nestled between the Five Finger Mountain Range. The Mediterranean sea-view outlines the curvature of the earth all leading to divine inspiration! Transport is provided in the “mystery” mobile so there’s no need to worry about car hire or taxis (unless you want to wander off into the night unsupervised) and there are many instruments available by request.

The finale of the week culminates at a live show where the guest songwriters along with the house band will perform, and everyone will get a chance to play their new tunes to a very appreciative audience!

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We try to create a tailor-made experience for every individual who becomes part of the retreat and wants to bring out the best in their creativity and well-being. This combination is very much part of the positivity of the experience. Feeling better about yourself is crucial for an open creative mindset and when coupled with dedicated writing time (you seem to never have time for), you have achieved Nirvana in a writing retreat! Just imagine doing all the fun stuff, IN a fab gorgeous place: Well, isn’t that why you’re here?! All together now…1,2,3!!!!!

Let’s head for Cyprus…to The House of Mercy Writing Retreat! I’ll meet you by the sea…see you there!

Melodically, Bex Marshall

This is the House Of Mercy Cyprus Page

For more information and dates and bookings/deposits email: [email protected]

Well, this is me!

Bex Marshall ‘I Can’t Look You In The Eye’

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