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Welcome to the exuberant world of Mary Milhone: “Lightworker of Humanity”

Mary’s paintings illustrate her inner being through her brilliant colors and passionate themes of nature. Every brushstroke illustrates her divine gift of beauty as she blesses the viewer with her abstract creativity.


A successful artist in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles, Mary is a designer, artist, and a proud mother of four wonderful children.

Mary is dedicated to bringing the light of the world to everything and everyone she touches. Her infectious smile and energy illuminates a room as she arrives in her own special cloud of light. Mary’s soul purpose is manifested in her Facebook “Sisterhood” program uniting women from all walks of life as they share their heartaches, hopes, dreams, smiles and tears. Through true Sisterhood, human connection is activated, and the connection of support begins.


Mary pours her heart into everyone she touches, and we are proud to present her inspired abstract paintings to our readers. Her immersive use of vibrant colors are exemplary of deep human emotion and reflect the inner being of feelings expressed through art. From deep magenta to vivid green, Mary’s paintings reflect the depth of human emotion as they take the viewer on a journey of examining the light in their spirit.

Welcome to Hollywood International People’s “Art from the Heart Gallery” as we present the lovely and talented: Mary Milhone.

Contact information:

Facebook: Mary Milhone




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