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Miami Swim Week: Curves Hit the Runway, breaking stereotypes of size forever!
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Miami Swim Week:
Curves Hit the Runway, breaking stereotypes of size forever!

Miami Swim Week is the largest marketing event for the Swimwear and Resort Wear industry in the world! 

Miami Beach 2021: Enter Rachael Brook!
Miami Beach 2021: Enter Rachael Brook!


Rachael showed up for Miami Swim Week and simply walked backstage to Naomi Besson/Forever 21 asking the casting agents if they needed a curve model; BAM! The next thing she knew she was walking the runway at the biggest swimwear fashion show in the world!

Booked two weeks before for Lila Nikole at the Faena Forum (powered by Art Hearts) Rachael sent in her own comp card and press kit and BAM! Once again, Rachael was immediately accepted- without an agent! This is absolutely unheard of, but this beauty has the tenacity to go after what she wants- and she gets it!

Designers went crazy over her beauty, body, and unique look. Her beautiful face, reminiscent of Sophia Loren, wowed the audience and within an instant; Rachael Brook was on her way to fame! And she did it on the fly with no experience, portfolio, agent, or PR! She just showed up and the rest is history!

As a friend in the audience texted live runway pictures of Rachael to The Dorothy Combs Models (one of the biggest curve model agents in the US) she immediately texted back saying: “My God! She’s gorgeous, I want her”! The rest reads like a Hollywood fairytale as Rachael signed with  Dorothy Combs Models and entered one of the most coveted and difficult arenas in the world! It just shows what good old “chutzpah” can create if one just uses it!

Swim Week is a fashion week centered solely around swimsuits and resort wear. Hundreds of designers gather to share their designs on the runway, while hundreds of models cast for a chance to walk. There are thousands of industry professionals to who come from all walks of life; some being content creators, buyers, reporters, and CEOs.

Miami Swim Week is the umbrella name for a wide number of annual events that take place in Miami Beach (and surrounding areas) during mid-July to promote swimwear, the swimwear industry, and fun in the sun. It’s the perfect event for Miami Beach! 

Rachael is forging a new frontier for women as her curvaceous body and charisma have opened the door for women to look like real “women” again! Social media influencer and trendsetter, Rachael, curve model extraordinaire, is a force to be reckoned with!

Walking for designers Lila Nikole (designer) at Faena Forum Powered by Art Hearts Fashion and Naomi Besson (designer) Forever 21 show at Kimpton Palomar presented by Planet Fashion TV, Rachael left her first Miami Swim Week as the new rising star in curve models!

Once you read her true-life story and interview, you will develop a profound respect for this young woman’s strength and how she turned adversity into triumph! Nothing was handed to this beauty, as only hard work and determination brought her up on that stage! Never a victim, Rachael at a very young age, chose to be victorious as she worked through family dysfunction and disappointment to reach her personal goals.

Sit back and enjoy the view as today’s new woman ushers curves back into style.

A special shout-out goes to Lila Nikole for giving Rachael her official runway break!

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