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Tatev Mann graduated from the Yerevan State Fine Arts Academy faculty of Industrial Design. During her studies, she was asked to design the UNICEF logo for a special project and numerous eclectic art pieces for which she received certificates of excellence. Tatev has participated in many art exhibitions and competitions organized by The Fine Arts Academy, USA Embassy, TV & Radio Comity, and Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Tatev created illustrations for the ABC book of Iranian Embassy’s School in Armenia and was officially invited to visit Iran to participate in a book exhibition. She was invited to study ceramics at Miras e Farhangi (Cultural Heritage) University of Tehran organized by UNESCO and created an exhibition with the Young Artists group at the Union of Artists. Tatev graduated from the Fine Arts Academy and received her Master’s Degree as an Industrial Designer, worked in Masis Tobacco branch of Grand Tobacco as a packaging expert and graphic designer, and received a special certificate of a 2-year course of computer aided engineering; CAM/CAD from AUA. Upon referral from the dean of the engineering department, Tatev joined The Olympia Tools Group as an industrial artist.

In 2006 Tatev moved to the USA, New York, where she worked in Printing and Airlines Signage companies in Long Island New York. Her artistic genius culminated in her moving to Los Angeles in 2008 where she worked 10 years in Hyundai and KIA dealerships as an art director and designer.

A graphic designer and serious fine artist, for the past five years, Tatev has been teaching design and film editing at The LA Academy, as well as running her own successful design studio. Tatev has designed for many major Television shows, L.A. County, concerts, galas, cultural events, political elections, books, newsletters, The L.A. Art Show, and many more. Tatev’s artistic talents participated in exclusive art exhibitions in Armenia, Iran & the USA, and she continues her career in Los Angeles, California.

Her rare talents of design techniques, graphic design expertise, and fine art painting make Tatev one of the most sought-after designers in Los Angeles.

Tatev’s fine art reflects the brush stoke of a master and her use of dramatic color and superb line drawings capture the true soul of her subject. Tatev effortlessly flows from graphic design, to fine art, to a master fine artist on canvas. There seems to be no end to this true creative and we at Hollywood International People are proud to present this talented young artist to our international readers.

As we display her fine art in our gallery, we wish her continued success with her illustrious career.

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