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Telly Bowie

Telly Bowie is an L.A.-based artist who creates wearable art for unique individuals, invoking feelings of ethereal fantasy into everyday looks.

Whether it’s casual, elegant, or fancy, the stylish person with imagination already has everything in their closet to pair with Telly’s designs. If your closet is lacking a little spunk, call Telly and she will design a custom fantasy outfit just for you!



“Feminine Sexy” enhances every woman’s look and entices them to put a little “sass” into their everyday life! You can adorn a pair of jeans with feminine sexy or dress it up with one of Telly’s silk, lace, ruffled skirts or go out on the town in a sexy one of a kind velvet skirt, paired with a custom lace bustier, flowers in your hair, or a butterfly necklace.


Fantasy wear is Telly’s signature and her designs, along with her unique jewelry, complete a woman’s desire for something unique, pretty, and sexy.

Making a statement in fashion and design, Telly presents an opportunity for all women to adorn their bodies as they inspire their spirits to soar! Simply put; You’ll feel great in her designs as they are designed to BE fun! “Feminine Sexy” is the new look for today’s new world.


Our powerful women of today are making creative choices in fashion that set them apart from all others. Telly Bowie offers a woman inspiration to find her true authentic self through fun fashion. Become the look of Telly Bowie and add some genuine creativity to your spirit!










Access Telly’s Instagram link and place an order for something spectacular! Put on YOUR feminine sexy today!


To order: @tellybowie

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