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“Lightworkers” are Ambassadors of peace, truth, power, and goodness.


We have made a decision to STAND – no matter what our circumstances – to put on the full armor of God and not give authority to evil, hate, greed, racism, discrimination, or violence of any kind. Our armor is kindness and we do not war with weapons, we war with the blinding power of light: “The Light of God, the infinite, Omnipresent Energy to which we all return.”

The Army of Light is a movement of positivity, grace, power and purpose driven people who have dedicated their lives to turning our world around. Common sense would reflect the power of making a decision; If you choose to hate, discriminate, judge and attack, you are fueling darkness and hopelessness. If you make a decision to personally tithe into the prosperity of the human spirit, you are affirming positivity and love. You are actually fueling and magnifying the power of light, the power of God in you, as you activate and affirm the opposite of fear is faith!

A Lightworker offers a hand of light to his fellow man. Light lifts a person out of darkness and into the true power of the light of life. Click here to claim yours!

Pick up the scepter of light and lay down instruments of war! Metamorphosize this world! A spiritual life of goodness is not a theory – we must live it. There is a long journey of reconstruction ahead, but we must take the lead, make a stand, and dedicate our lives to positivity as well as holding ourselves to a high standard of civility.

But where do we find the strength to stand?

Einstein said: “Doing the same thing over and over again is the definition of insanity!” Speaking of physics, here is an earth-shattering principal that never fails!


That’s right! Lightworkers HAVE the power, as darkness is smoke and mirrors and cannot even perceive or SEE light – it has to acquiesce!


Too simple you say? Well, understanding where you power comes from is essential in any battle! The opposite of fear is faith and faith is an action, just like love is an action! If darkness manifests through man’s decisions,  the same principal will apply to deciding to become a Lightworker! We have to start somewhere, and it begins here and now with you and me!

When you join The Army of Light you are stating you are a Lightworker, you are dedicated to kindness, positivity, goodness, and love.

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You are agreeing to apply the wisdom of light to heal whatever circumstances come your way. Nothings grows in darkness. Only light will ignite the fire in the seed to sow the harvest!

You are not alone! The Army of Light will stand with you, love with you and support the change in the world with you!

There is great power and support found in people supporting each other through the power of agreement, numbers, and unity! Each name in The Army of Light makes a difference as “one” ultimately becomes “we” and we become a movement!

Join The Army of Light and claim your “Wings of Light”.


Wear your wings proudly and see your community begin to change! Give them to your children, your neighbors, your employer, employees, houses of worship, etc. Start Lightworker home groups, share your experiences, support, and lift up one another up in faith. Stop being afraid and make the decision to stand strong in your resolve! Start living visceral faith and watch a Paradyne shift of consciousness establish a kinder world! Click here to claim yours!

Go out into your communities and help the hopeless. Show kindness and love to everyone you meet. Make an effort each day to help the hurting, broken hearted, and the lost. A simple act of kindness will come back to you a hundred fold! The process has to start somewhere, and it might as well start with YOU!

We can turn our world around, it only takes a little faith a whole lot of light!
Claim your Wings of Light and begin to change your world today!
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