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The Changing Face of the Beauty Industry By Sam Papas
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The Changing Face of the Beauty Industry
By Sam Papas

The beauty industry has undergone some massive changes since the pandemic hit.

The pandemic struck society like a bolt of lightning and in an instant, everything changed. For the first time in living memory, the beauty industry completely shut down and everyone within it was suddenly unemployed!

It wasn’t just salons that were affected. Those that worked behind the camera in the entertainment industry were also left unemployed.

In spite of the shock of the pandemic, for many professionals, it wasn’t all doom and gloom. Necessity became the mother of all inventions or “reinventions” as it were. For those that were fast enough to react, they began a new journey creating products to sell online or created educational opportunities they could market as they facilitated them over Zoom!

Necessity literally became the new opportunity that kept the innovators in the industry afloat – and they were flourishing!

If history has taught us anything it is that the strong don’t just survive, they thrive! Celebrity makeup artists shifted gears and went from working behind the camera to being in front of it, peddling their new wares online and generating north of fifteen million dollars! Clever hair stylists were creating hair care products in their kitchens and were suddenly making more money than they ever could in a salon.

But what happened to those who didn’t react? What happened to those patiently waiting for the pandemic to be over? It turns out that not all of them were that patient!

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They were doing hair from home! For those of you that are wondering why salons seem to have much fewer people working in them these days, this is the reason why. Working from home wasn’t just a Pandemic restriction for office workers. The beauty industry had shifted gears and for many reasons, one of them being financial, made better sense for professionals to work from home.

Companies that supply the beauty industry also had to act fast. After all, it was a matter of survival! 

Karyn Barrus from City Of Angels Extensions, a professional-only hair extensions brand, tells us that they were conducting online certification courses for stylists during their downtime! That was the best thing they could have ever done to help the industry. The pandemic demanded a person or company reinvent themselves immediately if they were to survive! The collateral personal damage went far beyond the obvious. The pandemic caused so much stress and so much uncertainty.

It brought people to their knees, but it also inspired hidden power in people – power they might not have known even existed before the pandemic!  

With things getting back to somewhat “normal” these days, we see that salons that used to be industry institutions have closed down while others are busier than ever! But the thing that intrigues us the most is that we’ve heard news that Amazon has opened its first salon in London! What’s the world coming to?! It’s anyone’s guess as to what will happen with the beauty industry next but for now, we’ll try to feel pleased that we can go to a salon near us for some much-needed self-love.

After all, nothing online can replace the human touch, human interaction, and the application of one’s talent to instill beauty in another person. That’s what we professionals thrive on; the infusion of beauty into another’s life.

Long live beauty!

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