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The Frequency of Luciana Pampalone
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The Frequency of Luciana Pampalone

THE POWER OF FREQUENCY – The Essence of Luciana Pampalone

Have you ever wondered why some people exhibit a powerful energy when they walk into a room? There is an electric charisma emanating from deep within their soul.

It cannot be denied. You can’t help but stare, and strangely, you are drawn towards them.

Who are these people of divine frequency? Where do they come from? Are they different than most people? Do they have a special gift, or are they just blessed through some form of heavenly osmosis? Some people refer to these people as Light Beings, but from an organic standpoint, they are people of high frequency- energy projectors.

Einstein said: “Everything is frequency” and the Master of Physics is correct; frequency IS life and frequency, if understood correctly, can change the atmosphere of human communication worldwide.

People who understand the dynamics of frequency are often creative artists. They have the ability to capture the true essence of another in a painting or a photograph.

Through their higher plane abilities, they miraculously capture the frequency of another in a split second – for all of eternity to witness and enjoy. Such is the case of award-winning photographer Luciana Pampalone. Her talent is extraordinarily rare as she understands and embraces her gifting – her frequency per se. When I asked Luciana to explain who she was as a person, her answers were immediate, intense, and transparent.

Luciana: “I’m a multifaceted artist that’s consistently evolving through the connection to all facets of earth energies.”

“Empathically, I feel the most essential element of life is through creation, and my purpose here on the earth is to uplift humanity through my connection to humankind. My heart is deeply dedicated to multiple charitable endeavors as my heart is always open, receiving and giving… it comes directly from my heart.”

“I hold a BFA degree In Photography from the School of Visual Arts, NYC, and my commercial and fine art photography, and gallery exhibitions have radiated beyond the traditional scope of most artists.”

“My work has excitedly expanded into my custom designs for homes, and I have expanded into commercial Cannabis packaging. I created Art To Totes & Art To Table limited editions which were launched this past year. Thanks to Ivonne Camacho, the launch was extremely successful, and I can hardly wait for my next endeavor to present its life to me. My heart is rooted in the harvest of all life, to honor life, to honor art. I respect the gifting that was given to me, to steward and inspire others.”

“I feel the world is tumultuous after the pandemic and in transition right now. We have the opportunity to reset humanity and our world. I wish all people could embrace art as a vehicle of expression and experience the magnitude of creation.”

“Art is the great manifester of our personal energies. I am alive when I am creating, and art is a self-perpetuating process of personal discovery.”

Hollywood International People is proud to present the miraculous Ms. Luciana Pampalone as we display her amazing photographs in our Art From the Heart Gallery. Her list of accomplishments is listed below but quite frankly, there is not enough room to list them all!

Ciao Bella mighty warrior – Ciao Bella!

Luciana Pampalone Photography 

Commercial/Fine Arts/Fashion Erotica Award-Winning Photographer & Creative Influencer

On George Wayne’s 100 Downtown Creative Influencer List  

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PR/Marketing Manager:
Ivonne Camacho


CEO & Creative Director

Instagram: AbsolutModerne

Twitter: @ivonnenyc13

New York/LA/Paris

Career Summary:

Throughout the career of Luciana Pampalone, her vision as a Photographer, Art  Director and Concept Artist has been invaluable to a wide array of global companies from Golden Eye Spa  & Resort, Nava Destinations, Yoga Fit, McCann Erickson, Bridal Guide magazine, Jones Magazine, Artshesays, Hearst Publishing,, HSN and Oil of Olay. On assignment throughout the world, Pampalone has been trusted with securing branding images for advertising agencies, travel agencies, bridal companies, and cosmetic companies.

Contact information: 

Studio Address:
NYC & Southampton, NY

Social Media Channel:


Ivonne Camancho

IG: @absolutmoderne_

Awards and Exhibits:

School of Visual Arts, NYC, photography major, BFA Honor 1985

1995 – 70th Street Art Gallery, New York, Solo Exhibition

1999 – Marisa Del Re Gallery, New York 2001 2003 Marisa Del Re Gallery, New York

2008 – Jadite Gallery, New York

2014 – Broadway Gallery, New York

2015 – Amsterdam Whittney Gallery, Chelsea, NYC 2016 Art Bodega Magazine Exhibition, Art Basel,  Miami, Florida

2016 – The White Room Gallery, Bridgehampton, NY 2016 Art Bodega Magazine Art Exhibition, Wellington, Florida

2017 – 326 Gallery, New York City 2017

2017 – The White Room Gallery, Bridgehampton, New  York, BEST IN SHOW Award

2017 – Art Basel, Cuban Museum Exhibit, Miami 2017 Dec-Jan 2018 Robin Rice Gallery, New York City, “Solo Show”

2018 – Art Basel, National Hotel Miami

2018 – Art One80, Anderson Contemporary Gallery, NYC

2018 – White Room Gallery, “Sex, Fishnets & Rock N  Roll” Bridgehampton, NY

2018 – Robin Rice, New York City, Summertime Salon Show

2018 – Anderson Contemporary Gallery, “Art In Motion”, NYC

2018 – Art Basel, National Hotel, Miami

2019 – White Room Gallery, Bridgehampton, NY  2019 Space St. Barth Gallery Soho, New York 2019 Panopticon Gallery, Boston, MA

2019 – Summertime Salon, Robin Rice Gallery, New York

2019 – RVNTV Featured Guest on Renaissance Living

2019 – Award Excellence in Media / Women Media Group

2020 – United Nations Cultural Award

2020 – Bohemian City NYC Art Show

2020 – Bohemian City Sag Harbor, NY, Havens by KVD  2020 Sohomuse Featured Artist in Virtual Artist Series  (#17)

Featured Articles:  

Wall Street International Magazine, Ebby Magazine, Art She Says, and Women’s Straight Talk Magazine.

Luciana Pampalone Photography

Commercial/Fine Arts/Fashion Erotica Award-Winning Photographer & Creative Influencer 

On George Wayne’s 100 Downtown Creative Influencer List  

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