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As the ball in Times Square descended into an exuberant crowd of 2 million people, NO ONE could possibly have guessed the world was about to implode. – FLASHBACK; NEW YEARS EVE 2019

As we plummeted into an unknown evil called COVID 19, our celebration quickly turned into fear, desperation, and panic. As the unseen phantom silently permeated our families, homes, and businesses, the fabric of society systematically succumbed to an invisible terror that fractured the very fabric of humanity. Within a few short weeks, we found ourselves overwhelmed by a global pandemic that would take millions of lives as it locked down humanity in their private jail cells, commonly referred to as home.

As 2020 entered the world stage, our veil of safety disintegrated into a cage of despair and anguish.

Who would live, and who would die? How would we fight this unknown beast, and if we survived, how would we re-enter an unfamiliar world ruled by fear? Suddenly we were alone, and shell shocked. We were disenfranchised from our families and friends. Within seconds society lost the right and privilege to be free inhabitants of a free country.

No one could have imagined America turning into a horror film overnight. We became prisoners by choice as millions were dying of this unseen terrorist. Who WAS this villain, and how do we fight him? Unfamiliar words like “Pandemic” became the word of the day as we saw terrifying images coming through our TV sets. COVID 19 was the new terrorist, and this threat hit us all as images flooded our living rooms with fear.

We saw Times Square in NYC turn into a ghost town as the bright lights of Broadway remained eerily dark on a daily basis.

The clubs, restaurants, museums, and theaters that were the magic of New York City were shut down for the first time in history! There was NOWHERE to run as images of temporary morgues, and make-shift hospitals bombarded news and media outlets! Central Park suddenly became The Twilight Zone, and we began to pray we really were in a nightmare! The only saving grace occurred at 7 pm each evening as millions of New Yorkers opened their windows and shouted a cry of inspiration to each other. Pots, pans, cymbals, voices, and drums resonated throughout the borough of Manhattan: The greatest city in the world.

The music of humanity sang through the rubble of what was, as the entire world experienced a catastrophic explosion of human suffering. 

In some strange way, the world became one entity as no one was immune to this evil. We all experienced a combined trauma and catastrophic life event unparalleled in human history. The world as we knew it would ultimately be changed forever by a single virus. Without warning, we became the new world inhabitants lost in an alien consciousness.

How would we deal with this catastrophe? How would we deal with fear and anxiety? How would we deal with an evolving depression birthed in lockdown? Where would we find our strength in this fortuitous society which seemed to be built on sand? How would humanity find itself again – WOULD we ever recover?

As history repeatedly reflects, catastrophic life events either destroy or inspire the human spirit. 9-11 taught us a great lesson as an entire nation seemed to come together as one beating heart.

Our combined focus was to love, support, and HELP one another.

The event that injured us to our very core produced a spirit of healing and kindness that immediately took root. Suddenly there was no color, race, or creed, no discrimination or hate; everyone was on the same page as this current Armageddon could not break the giant spirit of America. 9-11 brought an entire country to its knees but simultaneously inspired us to move in unison towards healing a shaken nation. 

We all endured the same traumatic experience but expected its fury to cease with time.

Unbeknownst to all of us, the trauma was indelibly captured in our cerebral matter, leaving a haunting imprint of a horrific image of the towers cascading to earth. Sadly, those images would live on into perpetuity, playing over and over again in our pounding heads. Can the trauma of 9-11 ever be forgotten – erased from our minds? The answer is an emphatic no.

You might not be able to SEE it, but trauma takes up permanent residence in our subconscious.

Since the assassination of John F. Kennedy, America has been plagued with one horrific image after another leaving us more disjointed than ever. As a damaged America hobbled through our daily lives, we searched for a new normal only to meet the hammer of 2020!! Unfortunately, we were not prepared for the next great traumatic event, which changed the entire world. Whatever we thought we knew, our so-called vision quickly morphed into blindness as the trauma of COVID 19 became the greatest monster of all!

Unlike our nation’s reaction to 9-11, this trauma turned a country of peace into a nation of war. Our nation began to fight, loot, and burn our cities to the ground. 

Violence and destruction were everywhere! First, we tore down statues, shattered store windows, and watched as thousands of angry people forcefully marched down city streets, having no mercy for the pandemic! Then, people started fighting over conspiracy stories, politics tore families apart, and racism rose its nasty head, dividing and alienating a nation that desperately needed unity!

COVID 19 became the great destroyer of not only life itself but the destroyer of intelligence, compassion, love, and kindness. 

Suddenly violence appeared as a form of power as kindness and compassion appeared as weakness. Society became painfully transparent as the smoke and mirrors of evil shrewdly invaded the heart of America. 

This was no longer the heart of America; this was a new and virulent America poignantly targeted on destruction, division, and anger. The demolition of America was met with a fury of self-perpetuated mayhem. As a stunned and startled nation impertinently floundered in rage, there was no consideration of how we were to achieve renovation. When society loses the core value of kindness, we might just be facing the extinction of humanity itself. We are at the precipice of a hazardous dead-end road.

Could this be the defining moment for The Great Reset? Are you ready to take the challenge?

Think about it: More than any other time in history, the very rich could quickly become the very poor. The mansion dwellers could soon be in a tent in downtown Los Angeles and the man under the bridge, if given a break, could become president of the United States! The call to action bell has been ringing loud and clear but has fallen on deaf ears. The pandemic may have locked people down but cannot prevent people from getting up and returning to being intimate human beings again. People have the ability to make choices – to choose how to live their lives. Decision-making empowers the ability to choose and one cannot be made without the other.

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What do YOU choose to do? Do you choose to be kind – no matter what your circumstances may be?\

That’s a hard one as we human beings have fragile feelings and are easily offended. No matter who you want to blame, who you choose to resent, or who ultimately offends you, the answer lies in the mirror. Look straight ahead; if the mirror cracks, be accountable, get some Super Glue, and fix it! Responsibility breeds an intelligent response to all challenges. Turning a blind eye will not cure a systemic “DIS-EASE”. There is no medication for hate, arrogance, and resentment and all lead to a dead-end street of destruction. 

2020 was humanity’s wake-up call and 2021 demands the crucial “Reset” call be made! 

It is time to put human back into humanity and it is time to do it NOW!

If you want change; teach wisdom and kindness as a way of life. If you want to stop abuse; do not abuse. If you want your children to learn respect, LIVE respect! Choose your words as a final destination as they never can be taken back! If you apply kindness to every human act, there can be no abuse, there can be no war, there can be no violence and hatred will cease to exist! Kindness cures just about everything!

Think about it! Nothing evil lives in goodness and hate does not lie down with kindness.

Want to rebuild your world?

Start your day by pouring a cup of kindness and make sure you share it with a friend. If you want to knit the fabric of a new America, grant kindness a space in your heart and let it flow freely. That never-ending river of kindness will lead you to the wisdom of eternal love and healing as hate never really ever healed anything.

Kindness as a way of life heals just about everything:


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