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THE LIGHT OF A CREATIVE The Gift of Kathleen Giordano
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The Gift of Kathleen Giordano

By Freya Pruitt

True creatives have an inner light – a light that fires their passion and invigorates their spirit. Creatives have the ability to morph through many facets of their careers.

Creatives have an acute awareness of their talent. They understand its origin and know it emanates from the same pure energy that enables them to take on many different formats of expression. A true creative comes from appreciation, love, gratitude, and honors the gifting they were so graciously awarded. A creative gives freely of their talent and when the entire world was locked down in an unprecedented pandemic, one creative was able to continue to create from the root of where she was planted.

Kathleen Giordano is today’s transformative woman, actress, model, interior designer, entrepreneur, and charity spokeswoman. Kathleen is an eclectic, multi-talented creative.

Kathleen began a three-year career journey in NYC before flying to Europe to begin her television and modeling career. She was a successful runway model and television actress throughout Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, and Italy. 

Missing the city, she returned to NY to pursue her craft. Transforming once again, this creative received a Master barber license and began a highly successful business tending to enterprising executives on the go. Accommodating businessmen with hectic schedules, demanded Kathleen utilize her nurturing skills and once again, turned to that innate spirit to fuel her success. Kathleen became the go-to person for male hairstyling and built a niche market for men that became a piece of NYC history! Her skills built trusted business relationships and her clients soon relied on her for practical relationship advice, as well as entrusting her to style them from head to toe. Kathleen became THE stylist for men and a treasured confidant for her high-end, exclusive clients.


Outside of being featured in GQ, The NY Post, The Wall Street Journal, The L.A. Times, US Weekly, USA Today, being interviewed on NBC’s The Today Show, Good Day NY, Access Hollywood, and many more, one of the most fascinating stories is Kathleen’s transformative experience that took place during the Pandemic.

The lockdown released a new aspect of Kathleen’s creative spirit as it powerfully manifested in her studio apartment in Manhattan.

Kathleen began to draw from that energy and dove into completely redecorating her apartment! She played with vibrant colors that made her feel good and began to paint her furniture with an artistic flair that fed her inner being.

Kathleen’s lockdown became her freedom to release her talent once again! Nothing can keep this creative down and when you read her personal story, you will discover tools you can utilize to enrich your own lives. 

Kathleen specializes in the art of giving, so sit back and read her exclusive story in Hollywood International People. Written in her own words, you will uncover undisclosed secrets of a true creative. The greatest education that leads to wisdom is through the art of storytelling. Transparency and authentic communication can connect humanity as we begin to rebuild our world. Stories that edify, inspire, and encourage are the lifeblood of visceral change.


Hollywood International People proudly presents: 

Kathleen Giordano.

“I grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia with my parents, five brothers, and two sisters. I spent five years modeling throughout Europe and once settled back in New York focused on a television career.”

“As a little girl, I was painfully shy. My mother always knew where I was because I was always around the house. I was either sitting in front of the mirror making faces at myself (acting career), dressing up in my grandmother’s clothes (modeling career), styling and cutting my dolls’ hair (haircutting career), or building dollhouses out of cardboard boxes (interior decorating career).

“My dad would give me a small amount of paint to paint the insides of the cardboard boxes so each room would be a different color. I drew red bricks on the outsides of the boxes since we lived in a brick house. I was creative from a young age.”

“When Covid hit and the world came to a halt, I had to do something for myself so I wouldn’t lose my mind. Each day, I had a task to complete whether it was cleaning my closets, drawers, shredding old papers, kitchen, cabinets. etc. It’s hard to stay on top of everyday things when you’re working full time. Covid was a blessing for me. I cleaned my apartment from head to toe. Everything had a place and once it was in place, I needed to redecorate my space.”

I live in a very large studio, and it needed a complete overhaul. I couldn’t paint the walls since I didn’t own the apartment, but I knew I could do a lot of other things to make it brighter than it was.


“I painted every dark piece of furniture except for armoire. It had too many grooves in it and I knew it would take me days to do. I painted a piece red, another Kelly green, bought a new rug, chairs, a loveseat, pillows, etc. I had so much fun putting this place together. I tell everyone to buy a small bouquet of flowers every week. Surrounding yourself with beauty and music calms the mind and makes one happy.”

“As I posted on IG, one of my clients asked if I could help him with his brownstone once the city opened up again. Now, this was a man who had been divorced for almost 15 years and it’s my first time seeing his space. He converted a large brownstone into four apartments – little did I know I was walking into a minefield!



When I walked in for the first time, I couldn’t believe how much “stuff” he had. Old pieces of stained furniture, piles of papers all over, and dust inches thick. It broke my heart that he couldn’t see how sad his surroundings looked. Imagine my shock when he told me he hosted dinner parties before Covid ever hit. It was so depressing. I told him I would help him, but before I could, he had to get rid of the junk – all of it! After he accomplished that first task, I went back in and discussed what pieces he wanted to keep. Now, this is a man who took days to make a decision on very small things. It was like pulling teeth to get him to do something.

I’m the type that once I start, it all goes organically. I suggested he donate an old dresser, but he refused – so I painted it a bright yellow – voila! What an immediate transformation! Yellow is a happy color and lifts one’s spirits.



“Let’s fast forward; Zoom calls! Whomever he is speaking to mentions the transformation and is congratulatory. Shockingly, my client suddenly agrees to have the entire space painted in the new year! (Apparently, all the bright colors had an effect on him!) Now he buys flowers each week and he has kept every corner clean and colorful. There are candles, throws on the chair and loveseat, and decorative pillows.

The kitchen and bedroom went through a complete transformation too.


My client who started out very stubborn is now so much happier and thanks me endlessly. It feels good when you help someone even when you’re getting paid for it. I was so inspired I even redecorated his backyard! When you do something special for someone you don’t want it to end. When you bless someone, it just makes you feel good! I learned so much from the Pandemic. I learned you cannot stop using your artistic gifting and that gifting must be shared. I learned we all need each other and that we need to stay connected – no matter what. My lockdown became my release. I can’t wait to see what the future has to bring to my transformative door. I know for sure, that door will always stay open. I will always utilize my creative gifting for the better good of all people”.


The simple things in life, like vibrant colors, can change a person’s mood in a second. What a beautiful gift God gave us.

God bless The Creatives! 


As an Influencer, Kathleen has been featured in MacKenzie-Childs, Bed Bath and Beyond, Uniglo and Target.

IG @kathgiordano

PR/Marketing Manager

Ivonne Camacho

IG: @absolutmoderne_

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