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The lyrical beauty of Airyn Art
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The lyrical beauty of Airyn Art

Nothing is as enticing, mystifying, and powerful as music.  Music brings beauty into our tired lives and regenerates the core of our being. 

The gift of sound has been bestowed on our “Musical Queen of Spain,” Airyn Art. Her soul’s beauty is gentle, her music a reflection of the power of a feminine woman, and her videos are deeply intoxicating to the soul. Nothing says lyrical better than Airyn Art! Only AIRYN (Official music video) Hollywood International People proudly welcomes a true artist and magician of sound to our distinguished roster of international talent. Follow Airyn’s career as her new album “Secret Book” meets its release date in December 2021.

Join us on an odyssey of Airyn Art music as we embark on a journey of restoration to this troubled world.

2022 will be a magical year of redefining who we are. We will need gifts of the spirit to reach our destination and the power of music to guide our journey. Join the beautiful experience of Airyn Art as we invite music to empower the road to our destination. LONG LIVE MUSIC!

Fantasy Road The new album by singer and lyricist Airyn and composer JM Mantecón is based on the myths and legends of Celtic origin. Secret Book is dramatic, colorful, and unique, as its rich and intoxicating sounds create magical music. Mantecons choral arrangements create an ethereal atmosphere for his traditional acoustic instruments, like the harp, Irish flutes, percussions, and synthesizers, mesmerize the listening audience.

Secret Book tells the legends of love, mystery, and fantasy. The protagonists are princesses, warriors, mermaids, fairies, witches, and fantastic characters that bring these stories to life. Combining lyrical music with animation makes this album a groundbreaking combination of music and film. The album is officially released on December 17, 2021.

Airyn Born in Seville, Spain, Airyn has been always been attracted to music and started her musical journey at age five.  After studying guitar, she began her singing studies and worked for three years at the Albéniz School in Seville. A concert performer, Airyn has also performed with her professor at various theaters in Spain. Irene Lavado, artistically known as Airyn, worked on numerous records with other artists as a backup singer and doing vocal duets. Divine intervention created a magnificent team with Airyn and producer Juan Manuel Mantecón. As well as creating beautiful music together, they inaugurated their own music production company and music school, in which both teach vocal techniques.

In 2012 Airyn released her own album with Juan Manuel Mantecón, “The Sounds of Earth”, enjoying great commercial success in sales as well as successful concert tours throughout Spain and the UK.

“The Sounds of Earth” received two nominations in the “Hollywood Music in Media” as well as awards with two of his songs included in the album. Irene, as an artist, has made appearances on national and international radio stations, television, music magazines, and newspapers in Spain as well as appearances in the national news. Airyn is recognized as the revelation voice of New Age music; named by the critics as the “Angel Voice”.

After years of studying singing as well as developing new methods, she works together with Juan Manuel Mantecón. Through the years, both have worked with numerous artists from the current national and international music scene. Airyn and JM Mantecón have been writing, performing, and producing their next album “Secret Book” with a release date in December 2021. 

Sharing a great love and music, both are dedicated to their beautiful daughter Adriana.

Miracle Lyrics

When the flowers open at every dawn, when the wind just runs so fast like a horse when a human loves, it’s a miracle. When the Eagle shakes its wings reaches high, when the stars appear in the sky all night If the rain falls down, it’s a miracle. When the Secret forest hides animals when the sun goes down in the horizon when a baby born, it’s a miracle.

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J.M. Mantecón
J.M. Mantecón

Musician, composer, and multi-instrumentalist: Sevillano, born in 1975, started his studies in the conservatory of music and continued self-taught studying composition, orchestration, harmony, piano, singing, and guitar. He started working in studios recording at the age of 15 mastering all the processes of music production. He has worked with national artists as a composer, arranger, and music producer.

Collaborating with important producers such as Luís Gómez Escolar (Ricky Martin), Miguel Ángel Arenas ”El Capi” (Alejandro Sanz, Miguel Bosé, Mecano), Paco Pelo (Gloria Estefan, Emilio Estefan), Danilo Ballio and Manuel Ruffiniengo (Alejandro Sanz, Laura Pausini, Malú). He has sold more than five hundred thousand copies of the works in which he has participated. Mantecón creates a mixture of classical symphonic sounds, ethnic sounds (primitive or tribal instruments), and electronic and state-of-the-art sounds. (Synthesizers, Samples)

As a music producer, he has worked on the discovery and release of artists nationally. Lucy Paradise, for whom he composed all the songs on her first album “Everything’s Ok”, featuring the hits Bad Girl and E.I.O; was nominated for best song in the 40 Principales Awards, María Parrado, for whom he composed his first singles. 10 MILLION VIEWS ON YOUTUBE “Draw my Name” and “Beauty”, reached more than ten million views on YouTube.

Mantecón continued working on Melody’s fourth album called “Melody” for which he composed several songs and musical arrangements. Mantecón has composed the music from the musical Fase Rem, a great success that premiered at Fibes Sevilla in 2016. He has composed different film and tv soundtracks, such as the series Los Serranos, the group Santa Justa Klan, and the short film the Rattle of Benghazi, which was nominated and awarded at the major cinema festivals in the world.

In 2012 Mantecón released with singer Airyn the album “Los Sonidos del Planeta” a work that mixes classical, ethnic, and electronic sounds, creating a tribute to contemporary music of the 80s. The album reached a great level of commercial sales and entered the top chart positions on their premiere. The songs “Only” and “My Angel” were nominated for best song at the Hollywood Music In Media Awards in the United States and included in the film “The Falcon and the Dove of Tele5.” Along with Airyn, Mantecón has toured Spain and the main European Capitals with the show “The Sounds of Earth,” performing in concerts with spectacular lighting, projections, and 30 musicians on stage. These concerts received magnificent reception from critics and the public.

Mantecon, alongside Creative Sonora, has been making artistic productions related to education and the promotion of culture and cultural awareness in both adult audiences and school projects. 

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