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The Victorious Woman Looking at life through a looking glass of opportunities.
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The Victorious Woman
Looking at life through a looking glass of opportunities.

By Freya Pruitt

On a cold rainy night in Malibu California, a small infant was carried down two flights of stairs into a dark and damp apartment.

As the wind blew and the lightning flashed, the infant was placed in a cold bed with her mother by her side. The mother, depressed and hurting after a Cesarean section, gasped for air as she tried to tend to her tiny child. Afraid and alone, both mother and child began their journey together and many times apart. The innocent infant knew nothing of the life of trauma and uncertainty that lay ahead. Her life would not be what all children expect, as this mother and child entered a journey with opposing destinations. Their paths clashed against the giant wall of life’s circumstances and second chances; second chances that never seemed to come.

Running with manic fear, the mother erratically moved from one city to another, endured abusive and violent relationships, drug addiction, and no security for the young baby.

Love was always an unreachable fantasy for the mother as her life had been filled with abandonment, fear, and anxiety. At 15 years of age, the mother fled from her parents and began a life on the streets which seemingly, was not very different from her non-existent home life. She had her own demons to fight and having a baby complicated her desire to find herself and create her own path. Her erratic and desperate fight or flight responses solved nothing as you always wind up where you began. We can’t escape our past or how we were designed. We are where we came from. Without a family support system, the mother’s only response was to run – to escape her own abuse. We can run but we can’t hide, as, at the end of each road, we inevitably meet ourselves once again. This mother never received a proper childhood and as a victim of circumstances, wound up reliving the same cycle with her child. She loved her baby but love just wasn’t enough.

Rachael: “I knew from a very young age I was never going to experience being a child. All I ever knew was living life on the run.”

“One day out of nowhere, my mom just packed up the car and moved to New Mexico. After that, moving became an addictive cycle: We just kept moving and moving – and we seemed to never stop. I didn’t feel like I was in my own body as a child. I witnessed everything around me but disassociated in some way – probably to survive.”

Devoid of a sound foundation of “home,” Rachael was always in “survival mode.” She became disconnected from intimate relationships, as she inherited a family of mental illness, mood swings, drama, violence, drug addiction, and no sense of security. She was forced to erratically move at a moment’s notice and bounced from one homeless shelter to another. Many times, in the dead of night, she was transported to a rundown home at one of her mom’s friends, then back to the shelter once again. Rachael witnessed chronic domestic violence and remembers wondering if that was love or acceptable behavior?

One must ask themselves how a young child with no life skills or experience could possibly process such dysfunction and frightening violence in their own home?

That was a heavy load to carry as the young girl had no choice in where or how she would live and learned at a very young age to survive by detaching. But this child’s destiny had a much higher power looking after her and soon the little girl would discover her life was about to change in a very dramatic way!

As Rachael lay sleeping in her bed one evening, her mom finally decided to escape her violent relationship. In the middle of the night, as she was gathering her things, a man came out of nowhere, snatched Rachael from her bed, and kidnapped her! Speeding off in his car, the terrified little girl realized the man was her abusive ex-stepfather. Hours later they arrived at his friend’s home in Tennessee. 

One would assume being kidnapped would be terrifying, but Rachael actually felt that the kidnapping was “saving her in some way.”

When she arrived at her new home, she was pleasantly surprised and greatly relieved. Upon arriving at her unknown destination, her ex-stepfather introduced his friends and referred to them as her “God Parents.” Suddenly the little girl was at ease as she quickly and gratefully adapted to the upscale home in the country. She had her own pink room, her own toys and traded in her secondhand clothes for Ralph Lauren designer classics.

Her life with her “kidnappers” played out more like a fairytale as this little girl got a brief glimpse at a life she didn’t even know existed.

After bouncing from one homeless shelter to another, she now lived in a mansion with a famous father figure, a Suzy Homemaker mother figure, loving pets, and acres of land to play in the “fairytale” kidnapping became her new normal and life with her kidnappers made her feel safe and secure.

“I felt like my kidnapping saved me. I wasn’t afraid, I accepted it and was relieved in some way. I felt safe at last.”

As she reveled in her new happy “home,” little did she know her world was suddenly going to collapse once again? After a few months, her mom finally found out where she was and begged her famous father figure to return her. He was extremely reluctant as he loved the child and wanted to give her the home, education, and future he knew she would never get with her mom. But in the end, he knew he would have to return her and with tears in his eyes, hugged the little girl goodbye as she begged him to stay. Hysterically crying, the little girl was ripped from safety once again and shipped off to a cockroach-infested apartment in Denver with her mom’s new “partner.”

Confused, afraid, and angry, the little girl was horrified when she entered the apartment. Hearing a couple violently fighting next door,

Rachael was also horrified at her mom’s new partner.

He wore a Grateful Dead tee shirt, smoked marijuana, and had long greasy hair covering his face. He was totally into himself and played video games incessantly- he was not interested in this little girl at all!

Rachael was mad and she was AFRAID. She looked at her mom’s new partner as some sort of stoned teenager! Stunned, she wondered why her mom left a violent relationship with one man and wound up with a guy she considered a child! The little girl cried herself to sleep each night as she dreamt of her home in the country with her kidnappers. She missed the life she could have had and began calling her mom by her first name- essentially to dis-associate and survive in the only way she knew how. Being forced to return to her mother traumatized her beyond words and she was resentful for most of her life. 

Rachael was taken from a happy home and forced to live with a mean, negative, toxic person she didn’t even know. The little girl was miserable and found her only comfort in her warm tears.

Mom enabled his bad behavior. Life would have been so much better without him. I felt he invaded my home which was supposed to be with just me and my mom. I wanted to bond with her- not him.”

It took Rachael a long time to forgive her mom. She was ripped out of a good life and inserted back into a bad one. But this little girl had compassion way beyond her years and deep empathy for her mother. She did not run away because she felt she would be abandoning her mom. She was acutely aware her mom needed her more than she needed her.

Rachael felt like HER mom and stayed to take care of her: She stayed to become the good daughter – the daughter her mom so desperately needed.

Somewhere, deep down inside of this innocent little girl, she knew she had made a choice to protect her mom. On some level, she knew she could not experience life on her terms. Her choices and desires took a back seat to life on the run. Despite her young age, this little girl decided she would never live this type of life for herself as an adult. She knew she had no choice as a child and accepted her fate. But that voiceless little girl had her OWN ideas for her future and knew freedom would come as an adult. She accepted the detainment but had a passionate resolve and was adamant about the outcome:

“I absolutely refused to live that way. I was determined NOT to live this type of life forever. As a way of coping, I took care of my mom because she couldn’t take care of herself. I made a decision with myself that if I was ever to have a child, I would never relive this type of life – ever”!

As the months wore on, Rachael’s mom decided to move to Oregon and took off, once again, in the middle of the night. The little girl fell asleep in the back seat hugging her ragged teddy bear as once again, she had to accept her fate. Their stay in Oregon was short-lived as one day her mother pulled out a map, closed her eyes, and pointed to an unknown destination on the map. She opened her eyes and excitedly proclaimed, “That’s IT!! We are moving to Eureka California!” The little girl screamed, “WHAT??!!” Instantly, the little girl’s life began a blindfolded, point-and-go destination to outer space. She was about to embark on another roller coaster ride she would inevitably ride alone. But this time her fate was unknowingly about to change. This was Rachael’s window to discover who she really was. This was the beginning of becoming her own person, and this time, nobody was going to stop her!

Somewhere along this journey, she found her way and darkness gave way to a ray of hope. This little girl was about to experience light for the first time in her life. Her destiny was about to be revealed.

Rachael’s story is not about oppression or depression – it is about triumph against adversity. It is about faith and courage and developing a sense of self against all odds. This story is not about being a victim, as both mother and child had similar roads to travel through very tough lives. The difference lies in how we handle what life throws at us and if we listen to that small voice inside of us, it will bring us to a deep sense of faith and guidance.

Rachael’s faith in God was always strong and feels He directed and protected her throughout her life. 

We at Hollywood International People invite you to read a personal interview with Freya Pruitt and Rachael Brook: in her own words. Her descriptions of the most poignant moments of her life will fascinate and inspire you to be the best you can be – to not let circumstances define you. This interview will take you through her personal journey to achieve victory over despair and sadness.

This is a story of choices; choices that helped Rachael find her true and authentic self. You will get to know this extraordinary young woman; a woman who chose love over hate and kindness over bitterness.

This is a story of a young woman who chose to forgive as she moved past adversity. This is a story of a young girl who chose to discover who God intended her to be, who chose to leave worldly challenges behind her. This is a story of forgiveness, and the freedom forgiveness brings to one’s spirit.

Read the truth of a victorious woman who vacated dysfunction as she chose to discover her innate talents – talents that would ultimately define her destiny.

In a troubled and angry world with no answers in sight, Rachael’s story provides the ultimate answer. This is a story you need to hear, a story of inspiration that could change your perception of life. This is a story of a victorious woman who chose love.

This is the story of The New Face of Old Hollywood:

This is the true-life story of Rachael Brook.



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