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Wine By Doc Lawrence
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Wine By Doc Lawrence

Wine: A Prelude To Romance

By Doc Lawrence:

Through the ages, wine has continued to be associated with romance. The Roman poet Ovid, in “The Art of Love” wrote that “it warms the blood, adds luster to the eyes, and wine and love have ever been allies.” Wine has a Biblical prominence. The first miracle, converting water into wine at the wedding party, is considered by many the greatest.

Ernest Hemingway’s final meal included a bottle of his favorite wine, the regal Châteauneuf-du-Pape. Thomas Jefferson literally invented the American wine dinner and transferred the custom from Monticello to the White House. The gentleman from Virginia knew from his years in Paris that wine mellows out hostility and distrust, relaxes tensions and can ignite passion.

Wine has had a profound effect on history. Origins date back 6,000 years. Ancient civilizations knew the glory of the grape and what we enjoy today has a biological and spiritual connection with the winemakers of Armenia and surrounding countries. Julius Caesar planted vineyards in France. One wine associated with him today is a delicious Cru Beaujolais, Juliénas.

Wine, by its very nature is feminine. Gentle, versatile, adaptable and so seductive. Pour Gevrey-Chambertin, an exquisite red wine from Burgundy, into crystal stemware and the lure of velvety red arouses the senses; the floral fragrance stirs up passion. The first taste, that adventurous sip, is often a prelude to a kiss.
Wine by its delicate nature requires care. Selection is an adventure that involves taking chances. The comparisons to searching for love are legion, the stuff of poetry and great novels.

My mentors include great women and men. Their advice regarding wine has been to experience it as you would romance. Honor its place in the dining tradition. Champagne is universally acclaimed as an aperitif. Proceed from lighter to bolder wines with each course. Set aside a regal red for the the pièce de résistance. Welcome the emotions that mysteriously manifest.

It’s time to open that bottle. Life should be enjoyed. A toast is in order:

“Let’s fall in love!”


Champagne is the universal celebratory wine. Dom Perignon is a highly regarded, elite, delicious bubbly. Whether a birthday, wedding or intimate dinner, Champagne will add luxury and a romantic touch. It’s also refreshingly food friendly.



The Lover’s Wine

Blessed with a romantic name, Saint-Amour, a fine French red wine, is universally hailed as not only a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, but a wine for lovers no matter the time or place.




Friendship Wine

Wine blends with the ritual of sharing, honoring the blessing of friendship.





King Estate  

Oregon’s King Estate is revered for its wine excellence.





Assyrtiko, an ancient Greek varietal, is produced in Australia and elsewhere. This delicious white wine pairs seamlessly with seafood.





This regal red wine from Burgundy was a favorite of Napoleon Bonaparte.




New York’s Finger Lakes region is renowned for its Rieslings. Made from a noble grape, it’s food friendly, versatile and pairs well with lighter dishes.





Margaux, the stunningly delicious wine from Bordeaux, continues to reign as a top-tier French wine that, while pricey, sends a message when served at dinner: “How deep is your love”?


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